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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is also simple: We will NEVER distribute, sell, share or otherwise disseminate any of your personal information to anyone. We adopt this policy because we cannot think of any reason that would merit such action. To us, corporate policies that share personal information constitute a blatant disregard for your privacy and we take every step possible to ensure that all of our employees adhere to our privacy guidelines. Only when required by law will we share information. Even in these extreme circumstances, our company will only divulge information deemed necessary and will never volunteer information that is not specifically requested by law enforcement agencies.

We will use your email to send you information ONLY from our company Global Supply Store. We will never share or sell your email to other companies.
You can unsubscribe to our newsletter at any time and rest assurred that your email will be permanently deleted from our database and that you will not be contacted through our newsletter again.