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Is your website secure ?

Yes. We use the latest 256 bit encryption technology to ensure that all information shared through the Global Supply Store website remains protected at all times. Our domain has been verified and certified to be true and accurate and our database is virtually impenetrable because we shield it with SSL encryption.

Do you share personal information ?

We will NEVER distribute, sell, share or otherwise disseminate any of your personal information to anyone even if you give us express written consent. We adopt this policy because we cannot think of any reason or instance that would merit such action. To us, corporate policies that share personal information constitute a blatant disregard for your privacy and we take every step possible to ensure that all of our employees adhere to our privacy guidelines. Only in cases where a crime has occurred, or under compulsion of current local, state, federal and international laws, will we share information. Even in these extreme circumstances, our company will only divulge information deemed necessary and will never volunteer information that is not specifically requested by law.

Do you ship internationally ?

Our name says it all. We thrive on international commerce. We sell our products all over the world and welcome the opportunity to engage in long term business relationships with people from all around the globe regardless of location. International commerce poses unique advantages and opportunities but demands greater scrutiny from both buyer and seller. Trust is the name of the game and Global Supply Store delivers time and time again. We have developed extensive business relationships with individuals, companies, military and government institutions from all over the world. Just call one of our international sales agents and experience for yourself their level of understanding of various international commerce variables such as export compliance, currency fluctuations, international banking transactions, freight consolidation and more.

What type of credit cards do you accept ?

Visa, MastertCard, American Express and Discover

What forms of payment do you accept ?

Checks, credit cards, cash, wire transfers and bank deposits, Paypal and Google Checkout. NO MONEY ORDERS. No COD, except for freight.

What is your return policy ?

Our return policy is simple. If you order a product that is defective, it will be replaced. If you order a product and would like to return it for whatever reason or for no reason at all, we will refund your money. Special order items cannot be returned or exchanged. All products to be returned must contain the original UPC code that is usually printed on the outside of the box. We record the serial number of each product we ship. When the same product is returned, we make sure that the serial numbers match in order to prevent fraud.

You can also exchange your product

Before returning any products for refunds or exchanges, make sure that:

  • Products are returned new, unused and in the original factory packaging
  • Products are returned within 25 days of being received
  • Products returned arecompleteand include any cables, mounts, screen covers, manuals and instructions or any other item originally included with the product
  • The product ordered is notan EPIRB, life rafts, electronic nautical chart, or a special order. These items are not returnable unless defective, in which case they will be exchanged by the manufacturer for the same product.
  • You ask for and receive a return authorization number (RMA) from one of our agents

What is M.A.P. Pricing ?

We are required by some manufacturers to advertise their products using M.A.P. pricing. This does NOT mean you will pay M.A.P. prices at checkout. Our actual prices are always lower than those stated with M.A.P. advertising.  Again, using the automobile example, the M.A.P. price is the sticker price or advertised price. The price you will pay when you actually negotiate with your car salesman will always be lower. This lower price is the one you will see once you add an item to your shopping cart.

Will I be charged M.A.P. price?

Absolutely NOT! Our actual prices are always lower than M.A.P. Simply add an item to your cart to see the actual price you would pay in case you decided to make a purchase. Adding an item to your cart does NOT mean you will have to buy it when you finish shopping. Much like a supermarket shopping cart, you do have the option of removing any unwanted products from your final product selection.

Your prices are very low. Are your products used ?

Negative. We only sell 100% brand-new, unopened and unused products.Unless specifically marked otherwise, assume our products are NEW with full manufacturer`s warranty.

However, we do sell refurbished / reconditioned / remanufactured products, but these are explicitily marked as such and sold accordingly through our Outlet section. These products will be advertised as refurbished / reconditioned / remanufactured and will be priced way below market value.



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