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Our name says it all. We thrive on international commerce. We sell our products all over the world and welcome the opportunity to engage in long term business relationships with people from all around the globe. International commerce poses unique advantages and opportunities but demands greater scrutiny from both buyer and seller. Trust is the name of the game and Global Supply Store delivers time and time again. We have developed extensive business relationships with individuals, companies, military and government institutions from all over the world. Just call one of our international sales agents and experience for yourself our level of understanding of various international commerce variables such as export compliance, currency fluctuations, international banking transactions, freight consolidation and more.

We operate in a Global theatre .We Supply hundreds of products at incredible prices. And our Store is among the best in the industry.Global Supply Store. We deliver time and time again.


International orders are subject to a 1% surcharge on the total order amount. Visa, MC and Amex processing rates are higher for overseas customers.
International customers paying through PayPal will be subject to a 2% surcharge. These fees are charged by credit card processors and not by our company. 

Our prices are given in US dollars. Payment must also be made using American currency. However, our system allows you to view a product’s price in many different world currencies. Simply click on the “XX” icon to see the price in your local currency. This feature was designed in order to provide our international customers with an easy way to compare our prices with those being offered in their local markets.With this in mind, please know that international currency exchange rates fluctuate every second. This means that, when using our currency conversion tool, the price you see today might not be the same price you see tomorrow. Conversely, our prices in dollars will remain constant (unless there is a manufacturer’s mandated price increase). Ultimately, we must receive payment in US dollars. We cannot and will not honor prices derived when using our currency conversion tool. This tool should only be used as a means of comparing prices being offered for the same product in different markets, but not as a way to determine the ultimate cost a buyer will incur when ordering from us while being outside the United States. If you have any questions about this, contact our international sales team.


We will accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover, Paypal, Google checkout and wire transfers. No international checks can be accepted. No merchandise will leave our shipping facilities until payment has been verified by our bank.

Credit Card Payments:

Orders will ship to your billing address as it appears on your credit card/bank statement. If you wish to have your merchandise shipped to a different address, we will do our best to accommodate you. In the event that we are unable to verify your alternate shipping address, we will ask you to call your credit card company or bank and have them put your alternate shipping address on file. This will only take a couple of minutes. Once your new alternate shipping address has been verified and your order has been approved, we will ship your merchandise. If you have an account with us, your alternate address will be stored in it and we will know that it has been verified for all future purchases.

We take this additional precaution in order to prevent online fraud. This precautionary measure is taken because we want you to feel safe when doing business with us by knowing that we would prefer to lose a sale rather than violate any of our company’s established anti-fraud procedures. Besides, we think this is a safer and more professional way of verifying your identity than asking you for a copy of your driver’s license/passport and credit card.Many companies request this additional documentation in order to verify your identity. Sending copies of your ID and credit card via email or fax is NOT SAFE! We are against this policy and consider it to be an intrusion on your privacy.

Wire Transfer Payments

To help defray some of the fees imposed by financial institutions when wiring money, all payments made to us using wire transfers will entitle the buyer to a 1% discount which will be deducted from the sale price of the item(s) being bought. This discount is in addition to any promotional or stated regular discounts. Freight charges will not be included in this calculation because they cannot be discounted. A bank fee of $30 is added to your total when choosing to pay via international wire transfer. If you have the ability to send us your payment using a US financial institution, this fee will be lowered to $10.

After completing your order, we will email you an order confirmation. This confirmation will confirm that we are processing your request. After we verify that your payment has been received and credited by our bank, we will notify you again to let you know that your payment has been accepted. Please send us your bank’s wire confirmation receipt via email (using your scanner) or fax. This will make it easier for us to verify your payment.

Once your merchandise is shipped out of the country, you will receive a tracking number and a link so you can follow the progress of your delivery. If you choose to buy additional insurance for your order, a copy of the insurance policy will also be emailed.

All payments are to be done using US dollars. Your bank will help you determine how much of your local currency will be needed in order to pay for your pending order in American dollars.


We offer different alternatives depending on the nature of your cargo. We have competitive rates with UPS, FEDEX, DHL and the US Postal Service. We can also ship your merchandise internationally using your own account with these carriers, at your request. We also ship our cargo using consolidated freight or using our freight-by-the-pound service. Check with one of our international agents in order to confirm current shipping rates.

We thoroughly inspect and document our cargo before it is delivered to the freight carrier of choice. We also offer insurance for loss and/or damage in addition to the carrier’s standard insurance if any. Our responsibility for your cargo being delivered safely and in good condition ends when we deliver it to the carrier of choice. Once your merchandise is accepted by the carrier, they are implicitly acknowledging that the cargo has been delivered in good condition and that no damage is visible. In the event that your merchandise is not delivered, or delivered in an unacceptable condition, we will provide you with any necessary documentation needed to file a claim for loss or damage be it against the carrier or against the insurance company. We will also go out of our way in order to help you recover your merchandise by aiding you in the process in any way we can.

Duties & Taxes

Our invoices are true and accurate and we never deviate from this policy under any circumstance. It is the buyer’s responsibility to comply with any applicable laws and import compliance standards set by the country chosen for intermediate and ultimate delivery of his/hers merchandise.Any applicable import duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Global Supply Store will not provide any assistance regarding import taxes and/or duties for the purpose of determining the cost to be incurred when importing merchandise. Please contact your local customs authority for any information regarding import duties and taxes.

As long as your merchandise is shipped outside the United States, no local Florida sales tax will be imposed. Proof of export is required in order to verify compliance. 


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