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Placing an order

By placing an order an our website, you are agreeing to all of our Terms and Conditions without exception.

Call us or email us. Agents are standing by.

Ordering is safe and easy. Place items in your cart, add any accessories you might need, calculate freight and then click on checkout. Pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal and Google Checkout. We also accept US checks, bank deposits and wire transfers. Please call an agent for additional information about wiring money to pay for your order. Remember, for your safety and for ours, all orders are subject to verification and approval prior to shipping. We may request additional information as deemed necessary in order to prevent online fraud.

Once we receive your order, we will notify you via email and/or telephone. After your order is approved we will ship and you will be notified once more. This notification will contain your order ID and a linked tracking number so you can see where your order is and know when it will arrive.

We are NOT responsible for any delays caused by any freight carrier for any reason. Any issues with shipping delays must be addressed directly with them. We will not refund your shipping if a carrier fails to deliver on time for any reason, unless they provide us with a refund. In this case, we will gladly refund your shipping cost.

Sometimes our system will state an item is in stock and this means it is in stock at the respective factory or in transit to them when we have an order placed and are waiting for new stock. Please call or email us before if you need to be sure the item is in our warehouse ready to ship that same day. All orders are subject to previous sales, meaning that even thoough we might state we have an item in stock another customer could have placed an order before you and by the time we fulfill that order that item will not be in stock. In this case we will notify you and you can choose to wait for new stock or cancel your order.

Payment by Credit Card:

Orders will ship to your billing address as it appears on your credit card/bank statement. If you wish to have your merchandise shipped to a different address, we will do our best to accommodate you. However, in the event that we are unable to verify your alternate shipping address, we will ask you to call your credit card company or bank and have them put your alternate shipping address on file with them. This will only take you a couple of minutes. Once we have verified your new alternate shipping address by calling your financial institution and your order has been approved, we will ship your items. If you have an account with us, your alternate address will be stored in it and we will know that it has been verified for all future purchases.

We take this additional precaution in order to  prevent online fraud. This precautionary measure is taken because we want you to feel safe when doing business with us by knowing that we would prefer to lose a sale rather than violate any of our company’s established anti-fraud procedures. Besides, we think this is a safer and more professional way of verifying your identity than asking you for a copy of your driver’s license/passport and credit card. Many companies request this additional documentation in order to verify your identity. Sending copies of your ID and credit card via email or fax to an unknown business is NOT SAFE! We are against this policy and consider it to be an intrusion on your privacy.

Payment by Check:

Payment by check entitles you to a 2% discount off your total purchase price.

Checks can be mailed to our address or deposited in our bank account held at Wachovia Bank (Wells Fargo). Although we prefer certified checks, we accept personal and business checks as well. Put simply, your order will ship as soon as your check clears the bank. This can take anywhere from 2-5 business days after the check has been deposited. Checks are deposited the same day when they are received, unless they arrive after normal banking hours in which case we will deposit them the following day.

The amount of days needed for funds to clear our bank depends on your financial institution and type of check you issue. Certified checks issued by your bank are the fastest and safest way to pay and will normally clear the same day they are received or the day after if we receive it after normal banking hours.

Payment by Wire Transfer:

Wire transfer payments entitle you to a 2% discount

Please call us or email us so we can assist you with your wire transfer. Depending on your location and type of financial institution you utilize when sending us your payment, wire transfers can take anywhere from 1-5 business days in order to be clearedby our bank. Once your payment is received and confirmed by our bank, we will ship your product to any address anywhere in the world (freight charges apply).


Before placing an order, know that returns and exchanges must follow these guidelines without exception:

  • Products are returned new, unused and in the original factory packaging.
  • Products are returned within 25 days of being received.
  • Products returned are complete and include any cables, mounts, screen covers, manuals and instructions or any other item originally included with the product.
  • The product ordered is not an EPIRB, electronic nautical chart, or a special order item. These items are not returnable unless defective, in which case they will be exchanged by the manufacturer for the same product.
  • You ask for and receive a return authorization number (RMA) from one of our agents.
  • You include the return authorization number (RMA) on the shipping label. 


Life Rafts, PFD, life jackets and other Revere Survival items are subject to a 15% restocking fee per the factory. These items are classified as HAZMAT and can only be shipped as such and can only be picked up from a certified HAZMAT shipper per Fedral Regulations. Please make sure you order the right product becuase returning these items is not as easy as returning a regular item.

Any item that does not adhere to our return policies will be either denied or assesssed a restocking fee if we are unable to sell it as a new product because it has missing parts, packaging has been torn, packaging material is either missing or damages or for any other reason where the item we receive back from you is not in sellable condition as a new item.

We appreciate when our customers provide us with a tracking number when returning their merchandise by calling us or via email.This will help us expedite your refund or exchange.

Any product that does not meet these guidelines will be rejected, returned to you, and no credit will be issued.

We will not refund any shipping charges under any circumstance, unless we make a mistake and ship the wrong item. If you specify a faster shipping method, we reserve the right to change the method selected as long as the item arrives in the same amount of time that it would have had it been shipped through the method selected. We guarantee the item will be delivered in the specified time frame (days in transit only) or we will refund a portion of your shipping cost. 

Any prepaid labels we issue to return an item are a courtesy to you but the cost of that label will be deducted from your final refund, unless we were th eones that made an error, in which case we will also refund your shipping costs both ways.

Credit card refunds can take up to two weeks to be processed not including the time your bank takes to post to your account. 


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